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Braiding is a science in itself and a core competency of Wedo

Hightech braids are used in a wide range of areas, such as medicine, automotive, electronics, as well as aerospace and candles. The selection of different raw materials in combination with the right braiding process enables a huge variation of different braid types to be created, for the most diverse applications.

New challenges constantly require new solutions.

Wedo has been engaged in intensive research for many years in close cooperation with leading universities and institutes on the braids of tomorrow.

Our technical manager, Peter Glessner, recently published a scientific paper in “Textile Research Journal” as part of his doctoral thesis entitled:

Pattern change using carrier delay on a 3D braiding machine

The paper describes the possibility of pattern change in a continuous braiding process, by using a high-tech braiding machine with computer-controlled switches. This enables the manufacturer to produce different square and round braids, as well as a diverse range of cross sections, core or bifurcated braids and much more.


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