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New REACH information

The requirements in candle manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials remain high in all respects.

The development of new wick solutions that are free from boric acid and disodium tetraborate in cooperation with Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. and the European candlemakers’ associations is our main priority.

Our experts have been working on new, alternative recipes with great urgency in our new, joint laboratory.

We are delighted to announce our successful development of a suitable recipe without boric acid or disodium tetraborate that meets all relevant requirements. During a wide range of experiments, we have not found any significant differences in the burning behaviour of our old and new preparations.

In our capacity as wick manufacturers, we were subsequently able to carry out the same tests at a laboratory scale. As we were unable to test the new wick alternatives in all candle variations to the fullest extent, the burning behaviour of your products may be slightly altered. This is why we need to adjust our equipment to the existing candle systems in close cooperation and coordination with you, our customers.

We will no longer be using boron compounds in any of our wick products as of 31/12/2017 at the very latest. We would like to work with you during the transitional phrase to ensure that all changes to your candles can be made in line with your own production conditions and without time pressure.

We may contact you over the course of the next weeks in this matter.


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